The world clearly does not know how to deal with the idea of Riff Raff, but perhaps the overriding concern among hip hop fans is the idea of whether or not he is a parody, a rapper who exists to poke fun at the stereotypes that have been associated with him. This was Ebro of Hot 97's initial trouble, at least, with accepting Riff Raff's aesthetic, so he took it upon himself to interrogate the Houston rapper.

In a scene reminiscent of the time Arsenio Hall put Vanilla Ice under a similarly awkward spotlight, Riff Raff was seemingly able to win over Ebro's approval (Ebro eventually admits, "I like you now.") by standing by his lifestyle and arguing that he is no actor. As Rosenberg puts it, (to paraphrase) Riff Raff either is for real or he's the best actor in the world. Though it seemed by the end that Ebro had come around to Riff Raff at least to a degree, Riff took to Twitter to vent about the exchange.

There's certainly a lot to digest here when we think about a self-proclaimed icon who doesn't like to be around people, but it seems as though Riff Raff is just as reluctant to accept society as it is to accept him.

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