Producer: Young Chop
Album: Finally Rich
Label: Glory Boyz Entertainment, Interscope

This one crushed the dreams of all Sosa haters and tiptoe-danced (as in the video) on the remains. You would love Sosa, whether you liked that fact or not. For everyone who thought that Keef and Chop had peaked with "I Don't Like," the teenaged duo came back unfuckwittably with another one of the defining records of the year. It wasn't even what many would call rap, but like a lot of great rap, it tested the genre's boundaries. The cadence of the song might as well be that of a nursery rhyme, but the lyrical content would leave you slumped over.

The album version (perhaps since everyone, like Drake for example, had already listened to the song well over a hundred times) featured a truncated rant from a Chicago fan who for some reason was WorldStarrily passionate about the way Keef was being perceived among his peers. Complete with incontestable evidence like "you know he roll with Lil Reesie and them" to support his thesis that Keef was indeed of hitta nature, it became clear early on, as sure as the fact that Tadoe enjoys his molly water, that this song would slap you into an unrecoverable Sosa submission. —Alexander Gleckman