This week was a big one for Rick Ross, in that he mostly stayed on the right side of public opinion for a nice change of pace. Where last week, Ross was disappointing his corporate overlords, Beyonce likely pleased hers, combining one thing everyone loves—the video trailer—with another undeniably beloved (no, really) part of culture—the commercial. 

In a slow news week, it's also never a bad idea to keep up with what artists who peaked creatively in the 1990s are up to—Lauryn Hill and Snoop Lion got the Lion's share of press, ya smell us?

The younger kids got a lil cocky. The Rent Is Too Damn High Guy returned out of nowhere, thankfully his trademark facial hair is still looking fresh to death. We mocked people who pretend to know about artists who don't actually exist. And Tyler, The Creator caught crabs from someone on our staff, we're pretty sure. All this and more, in this week's edition of What The Hell Just Happened In Music This Week?