"Okay start with straight shots and then pop bottles/
Pour it on the models, shut up bitch, swallow/
If you can't swallow, shut up bitch gargle/
Straight up out that water with my Marc Jacobs goggles/
Fresher than a motherfucker, yep I'm a motherfucker/
No I won't take your girl, but I'll sure take her tongue from her/
Can't you tell I'm in love woman, like no other woman/
Oh, I'm sorry sweetheart, I thought you were my other woman"

In 2007, Lil Wayne could do no wrong. His 25-second contribution to "Pop Bottles" carried the song to No. 1 on the rap charts. "Shut up, bitch, swallow," however vile, is still a line that throngs of people yell out in unison. Marc Jacobs has never gotten a better shout out, either. Compared to what Lil Wayne was producing on projects like Da Drought 3, this verse is not particularly deft from a lyrical standpoint. The final lines rhyme "other woman" with "other woman," but it's awesome, not a slight. This is when Weezy had all of the charm, and an unimpeachable delivery. Anyone who complains about the repetitive subject matter of his contemporary work doesn't realize that Wayne has always rapped about the same limited bevy of topics. He just used to do it with so much style, and this appearance on "Pop Bottles" is a prime example. —Ernest Baker