"Now follow as we ride/
Motherfuck the rest, two of the best from the Westside/
And I can make you famous/
Niggas been dying for years so how could they blame us/
I live in fear of a felony/
I never stop bailin' these motherfuckin' Gs/
If you got it better flaunt it/
Another warrant for two of Amerikaz Most Wanted"

2Pac and Snoop D-O-Double were a deadly combo. Most of 'Pac's songs were supplemented by the Outlawz who just couldn't keep up with a rapper as magnetic as Makaveli. So for one of the few times, 'Pac met his match on wax rhyming alongside The Doggfather. Snoop's laconic drawl contrasted 2Pac's bombast. 2Pac may not have always been the most clever lyricist, but he was blessed with the voice that could be menacing and celebratory all at once. So when he screamed lines like, "Now follow as we riiiiide!" in typical 'Pac fashion it was a rally cry for all the soldiers. Plus, it was comforting to hear it follow-up a top-notch flow from Snoop and not some guy named after a dictator. —Insanul Ahmed