When word got out that next year Jimmy Fallon would replace Jay Leno as the host of The Tonight Show, the first question that popped into the heads of fans everywhere was, "Will he be able to take The Roots with him?" 

After all, hearing that Jimmy hired The Roots as his band was the first sign that his show was actually going to be worth a shit. Since hiring them, Questlove and the crew have become a huge part of the show's appeal (at least to us). Rest assured, there's no way amazing moments like Odd Future's legendary performance or Frank Ocean's touching rendition of "Bad Religion" after coming out would have even been suggested if not from input by Questlove.

Chatting with FUSE, Quest lets us know that the band will be moving along with Fallon to The Tonight Show but refuses to elaborate beyond that. Either way, we're just happy they'll still get to be apart of the show. 

[via NahRight]