The Best Rapper Alive ain't always the best lyricist (and the best lyricist isn't just the guy who packs the most syllables in the back of the ac, sorry nerds) but French Montana seems to think he can be "the best" and drop the "best album of the last decade" without even trying to be a lyricist. 

Sitting down with XclusivesZone, the Bad Boy rapper chopped it up about his upcoming album Excuse My French which is slated to finally drop May 21. When asked what being "the best" entailed he went on a whole rant about writing his life after offering, "Obviously, I don't be trying to get lyrical."


His admirable candor and self-awareness echos something Waka Flocka Flame said years ago that sparked some controversy, "I ain't got no lyrics." 

Those statements might be offensive to rap purists who swear like every rapper writes their own rhymes (they don't) and that lyrics are the end all be all of what makes a good rap song (it isn't), but it was what Waka said afterward that we like to point out. 

"The nigga that everybody say is lyrical, they ain’t got no shows.”

In fact, they probably don't have any hits either which is something Montana does have. Whether those songs were hits because it was French slamming it home or just throwing up the lob to actual great rappers is besides the point—his name still appears on those songs. (Yes, Drake, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and Nicki Minaj are great rappers, sorry virgins) 

So can Montana be "the best" without having to try to get lyrical? Absolutely not. Not while the Best Rapper Alive just happens to be this good kid from a maad city who's coincidentally the best lyricist around and a guy who actually dropped a classic debut album.

Man, can someone please press play on my exit music?

[via MissInfo]

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