Sazon Booya is no more. Anyone that follows electronic music watched their split unfold publicly. And instead of dwelling on it, each member is pushing forward with their perspective projects. SAV gave out tickets to his show at Pacha via DoAndroidsDance over the weekend, and Mr. Vega reinvented himself as Ricky Vaughn. I imagine this is a reference to the pitcher in the movie Major League, played by Charlie Sheen. I smirked.

In any case, we saw a post from DUBCO stating that SAV was the "Dr. Frankenstein behind the monster that is Sazon Booya," and alluded to the fact that he was pushing this sound. I think this project proves otherwise. Anyone who has followed Vega in the past couple of years sees him LIVING in his home studio, producing records from all genres. And if anyone had thoughts that Vega was done producing moombahton, they will be silenced with this release.

Ricky Vaughn showcases collaborations with DFace, Kid Cedek, MiniMaxX, ETC!ETC! and more, and leans on vocals from Khadafi Dub, Jay Jacob, and his longtime friend Otis Clapp. This release is well thought, well produced, and certainly wasn't thrown together in response to the DUBCO article. It's one of many projects he's been working on for the past few months.

We have no clue if Mr. Vega or the Sazon Booya brands are dead, but this project from Ricky Vaughn lets us know that Moombahton didn't lose a pivotal team. We are glad to see both SAV and Mr. Vega moving on and continuing to plant their feet in the ground for this wonderful genre. The Sazon Archives is filled with massive tunes that are going to bring new ears and old friends back to a happy time in music. DoAndroidsDance is incredibly proud to premiere this project.

Production Details:

1. Ricky Vaughn & Comic Strips -AutoCannonz Ft Khadafi Dub

AutoCannonz Produced by Ricky Vaughn and Comic Strips. Vocals by Khadafi Dub.

2. Ricky Vaughn & ETC!ETC! - Wind Up

Wind Up Produced by Ricky Vaughn & ETC!ETC!. Additional vocals by Anna Yvette.

3. Ricky Vaughn - Raggaton Spice

Raggaton Spice Produced by Ricky Vaughn. Additional vocals by Ragga Twins

4. Ricky Vaughn - Profundo Ft Jay Jacob

Profundo Produced by Ricky Vaughn. Vocals by Jay Jacob.

5. Ricky Vaughn - ATC Ft Otis Clapp

ATC Produced by Ricky Vaughn. Vocals by Otis Clapp.

6. Ricky Vaughn - Frillon Dancis

Frillon Dancis Produced by Ricky Vaughn. Additional vocals by Garrett "DFace" Hickey. Tribute to Dillon Francis's style.

7. Ricky Vaughn, DJEJ & MiniMaxX - Ahora Es

Ahora Es Produced by Ricky Vaughn, DJEJ, & MiniMaxX.

8. Ricky Vaughn & Kid Cedek - La Vida Es Duro Ft Bebo

La Vida Es Duro Produced by Ricky Vaughn & Kid Cedek. Additional vocals by Bebo.

9. Ricky Vaughn & DFace - Save Me

Save Me Produced by Ricky Vaughn & DFace. Vocals by DFace.

10. DFace & Sazon Booya - Let It Be (DFace Piano Intro Mix)

Let It Be (DFace Piano Intro Mix) Produced by DFace & Ricky Vaughn. Additional production by Garrett "DFace" Hickey. Vocals by Garrett "DFace" Hickey.