Ash Pournouri, the man behind At Night Management and the manager of Avicii, has inked an exclusive seven-figure, multi-year partnership with Island Def Jam, establishing his own imprint, PMRD Records. Interestingly enough, his first two acts are Cazzette and Morten Breum, and is set to re-release Cazzette's Eject album. We say this is interesting because we'd just recently talked about Island Def Jam relaunching 4th & B'Way into a dance music label, with Cazzette being their first act... and singles from Eject being the first release. Yes, we're confused, but we imagine it could be a PMRD/4th & B'Way situation.

Ash's been successful on his own for so long, though, it makes sense that he maneuvers himself into a label situation, especially with a leading major that is looking to put their foot into the EDM marketplace.

(Dancing Astronaut)