Producer: Mario Winans

When it comes to the DNA of this 2004 hit record we have to go back to Irish singer Enya for her 1980 song "Boadicea" from her self titled debut album. The sound was most notably sampled by the hip hop trio The Fugees on the group's hit 1996 single "Ready or Not." In 2004, Mario Winans thrusted his way into secular music with "I Don't Wanna Know," featuring P. Diddy. He took one of hip hop's most celebrated beats and told a sad tale of deception and infidelity from a man's perspective. He took a long stride from gospel music, and it paid off, as the song became his biggest record to date. —Tannis Spencer

Inspiration: Fugees "Ready or Not" (1996)

Producer: The Fugees, Jerry Duplessis