11. "Jesus Walks" (2004) (Version 2)

Director: Chris Milk
Album: The College Dropout

What's more controversial than a Ku Klux Klan member carrying a burning cross? Almost nothing. Together Kanye and director Chris Milk took the second version of "Jesus Walks" to another level by featuring a chain gang of prisoners, little girls double dutching, runaway drug dealers with a stripper in tow, and a distressed Klansman.

This go-around Kanye aimed to further illustrate how Jesus walks with everyone no matter their path in life. We follow convicted prisoners as they are put to hard labor in the sweltering sun while being abused by the wardens, presumably innocent and naive children, a disturbed Ku Klux Klan member who singlehandedly manufactures his own life size cross, and a hustler with enough cocaine in the trunk to make your favorite child star get the shakes. By the end, they all find a new sense of self-acceptance and revelation.