Over the last three days, we've seen numerous sites posting a multitude of set rips from various DJs during the first weekend of the Ultra Music Festival, of varying quality. Porter Robinson wanted to circulate all of the listens to his SoundCloud (smart move), and stitched together this recording:

in part, i wanted to upload this because i wanted this to be the most circulated version. some of the mp3s i've seen floating around started like 5 minutes into the set and were skipping around randomly (as though my mixing weren't jarring enough). so i'm making this available for download. if you repost this, you'll probably help make this the most circulated version, which would be nice.

this file is cut together from a few different setrips. one of them had weird audio cutouts, so i filled that in with another, lower-quality setrip. you can hear it during airwave, revolt, and datsun tropicalia.

Thanks, Porter!