Producer: Jermaine Dupri
Album: Dru Hill
Label: Island

"The president of the company at the time was like, 'I want you to remix the Dru Hill record.' When they did that, I said, 'That song is too slow for me to just put a beat under it. Let's change the whole song. Come to Atlanta, we'll remix the record.'

"They came, and when they got there I was thinking about that 'Gimme What You Got' sample. Redman actually was the only person that used that beat, and I was like, okay, let me find a rough beat to put these guys over. Sisqó came to the studio, I played the beat for him and he was like, 'Let's go.' He just started re-singing the song. My idea was to take the same lyrics, sing the same lyrics, but sing them to this beat. You already kind of got the melody; the melody is there. Just speed the melody up over the top of this beat. So it's kind of just writing itself out, but it was my way of making a remix."