Yes, this is still going on. By now you must have seen the Daft Punk ad that aired during Saturday Night Live this past weekend. We figure many of you have had it on infinite loop this week. Overnight, the EDM world has been buzzing over what's said to be the "official" Daft Punk SoundCloud account, which has a slightly longer (i.e. one minute and 31 second) version of the track, which may or may not include Nile Rodgers, uploaded to the site. The info on the track contains the following:

Audio from the Saturday Night Live commercial clip for our upcoming album
The photo was taken at Columbia Records

As well as a link to the TV ad on a YouTube page for rotatethis. We're not going to call BS on this outright, but why is this the first time we've seen or heard of this "official" SoundCloud account, one that's apparently been uploading music (mostly stuff from Tron: Legacy) over the last month? No, we're not calling bullshit on this (yet), but we remember when the Internets were in an uproar over this fake Noisia remix of Justin Bieber. And something just feels fishy; why would a duo who has purposefully been so guarded over their image suddenly take pictures and post them on a social media page, mentioning where it was taken?

As of the time of posting this piece, the Daft Punk Facebook page does not list this SoundCloud account at all. The actual track, which fleshes out what we've been hearing all week, still feels like a fraction of a larger track. It's good, and definitely gets us interested, but let's not jump to conclusions.