Date: December 2005

What Happened?: Obie Trice was shot twice while riding on Detroit's Lodgeway Expressway. One of the bullets remains lodged in his skull.

How He Responded: Obie didn't let a few bullets slow him down. In fact, he went right on with his rap career as if nothing had happened, although the shooting gave him the most publicity he'd gotten since dropping his debut album. He touched on the incident on records like "Pistol Pistol (Remix)," on which he promised revenge ("The nigga that got him in the head will feel it before the year ends") and claimed his daughter now needed to hear his voice at certain times a day to make sure he was alright. He also rhymed about it on "Cry Now," saying, "X-rays show, I was this close to Heaven/So for future reference, I stay this close to a weapon." We honestly can't blame him.