You have to love the Internets. No, seriously; only on today's Internets can a bass music producer from Berlin, Germany link up with some US bass lovers and put out an EP on their label... a few months after remixing a Reso tune. You couldn't have this happen (often) in the '90s, and for that, we thank you, Al Gore. Thank you for connecting Slit Jockey to Doshy, so we could have this amazeballs EP.

Doshy's Police On Acid EP is a no nonsense bass excursion. It kicks off with "123456789," which is a low-end driven, number chanting masterpiece, while things really kick up with the trunk rattlin' "Phases." This is made for those fifteens in your whips, trust.  "Q" continues that flavor, although it has some more melodic touches to it, making it a really intriguing twerkout. The grime portion of this EP starts with "Run Off," and the title tune, both of which ramp up the BPMs, and intensity, with spastic synths and bleeps running up against buzzers, camera clicks, and faint chants.

Police on Acid? Possibly. This might have been the soundtrack of Alonzo's brain patterns. One part mobbing through the hood, three parts maniacal, fuel-injected fury. Whatever you want to call it, it's all excellent.