Don't kid yourself: No one's career has touched what Goldie has done over the last 20 years. He's grown as an artist, a businessman, and most important, as a man. He has defined and re-defined the jungle and drum & bass sounds, both in his image and with an eye for where the scene could go. He's learned from a number of talented producers and engineers, and hasn't been afraid to experiment, break convention, and hone his vision of the dnb scene.

Be it as Rufige Kru, Metal Heads, or under his own name, Goldie has a number of classic tracks that should be required listening for any producer trying to get their dnb feet wet. From the way he layers breaks and bass in his tracks to finding the perfect vocal, Goldie has an always-evolving sound that is also definitive of the drum & bass scene as a whole. Chart his progression with these 10 essential Goldie tracks.