Will You '90s Babies Shut Up and Admit Rap Was 100 Times Better in the '90s?

Figuring out the meaning to lyrics was a personal process of decoding and discovery.

You know what one of the great thrills of listening to rap is? Decoding it. Picking it apart, bar by bar, going deeper and deeper into a record. Taking the entire sound in, and savoring the work that was put into creating it. It yielded an appreciation for the artistry put into lyricism, an appreciation that's been diluted if not completely endangered via the immediate gratification of lyrics websites (which have also made everyone and their mom a Rap Genius, pun fully intended). Smart rap fans worked to enjoy their rap. Now, you don't have to work for shit: Just Google it. And that will, in the long run, make rap fans stupider. And we get the rap we deserve. In other words: If you think Tumblr Rap is bad now, wait until it has its own Grammy category. And then enjoy Googling its lyrics.

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