Zedd: "For the longest time, I wanted to become a pianist. That was kinda my thing. When I was 12, my brother found a band. They didn't have a drummer and they were rehearsing in his bedroom which was right next to me. At some point I just decided I'm going to play with them, all without being able to play the drums really. It just happened. They got a concert early on and didn't have a drummer, so I just played that show and I ended up being part of this band for nine years. I spent nine years in that band and we wrote a lot of songs, made some albums, that was a good experience for sure.

"When we started off, I would say it was something like Muse. As we grew up it kind of became harder, hardcore metal, whatever you wanna call it. That was pretty much where the last album was, which still didn't come out, I just mixed two songs on that record. Most people actually don't even know about it, I still recorded it and put that album, so there's still some rock music coming out under my name.

"I'm not officially part of a band anymore since I just don't have the time. I still play the whole albums on the drums and mixed two songs and wrote all the songs, it still feels like my album. its still going to come out, that's for sure."