Zedd: "I've always dreamed of having an album. The problem is that it's just very difficult to make an album nowadays because through technology, music shifts so fast, especially electronic music. Once you make five songs, the first one you did is already old and you wished you would have put it out right away. So that's kind of the difficult part.

"What made it possible for me to make this album was the fact that I met Lady Gaga. She asked me to be in the studio with her for four months in the beginning of 2012. I took the time off to be in the studio with her, but she ended up having to spend most of the time working on her tour productions and her tour preparation, which started right after those four months. So all the time beside the time I spent with her went pretty much went into my album. If I did not do that I would have toured the whole time and I would have not had the time to make a record.

"The first time I was very disappointed because I thought I just didn't tour and didn't do music, but I ended up making a full on album. I realized later on so it was a really good coincidence. Everything was really lucky and I'm happy that I took the time off that Gaga didn't have enough time so I ended up having a full album."