Producer: Dr. Dre
Album: Doggystyle
Label: Death Row, Interscope, Atlantic

You know it's gonna get raunchy when DJ EZ Dick is on the 1s and 2s. Snoop's ode to sharing women had him and his Cali homies teaming up, the kind of camaraderie that only existed back when they really seemed to believe Death Row was a family, just a bunch of kids who were happy to be making music and sharing the spotlight. Though everybody represents to the fullest, the song's highlight is Nate Dogg's velvety crooning. Never before (or since) has anyone sounded so damn soulful while singing about not loving hoes—he must have really meant what he was saying to put so much feeling into it. Nate's sung/rapped verse was something of an anomaly in the pre-Drake era, but it was so well received that he later referenced it on Dr. Dre's "XXplosive." Yet another classic moment in his long list of classic moments. R.I.P. Insanul Ahmed

Best Verse: Nate Dogg