Marcus Norrild & Emil Møller used to be my secret weapons.  Calling themselves Don Midass and coining themselves as "the danish 808 mafia," they are representing Denmark in a serious way.  They make some of the biggest trap records that the industry isn't quite aware of.  The production and consistency is absolutely ridiculous.  The only thing they're missing is exposure.  And I'm going to push EVERYTHING this duo releases.

I actually played their "Trap Pillz" release as I breezed through Shade 45 for a quick set, and got more tweets about that record than any other I played.  And that set had some REALLY big songs on there by some REALLY big producers.  Poke around on their Soundcloud... everything that they're coming out with is three months ahead of its time.  They are trendsetters, and an untapped resource for bangers.  I'd tell you more about Specktors and their relevance but I didn't want to put their bio through a translator.  Sue me.