Alexander Ridha, who goes by the name Boys Noize, has become an inimitable force in the realm of electronic music. In addition to producing some of the most inventive, celebrated remixes of the past decade, he's released three acclaimed albums on his own Boysnoize Records label, established in 2005. Collaborating with everyone from Skrillex to Snoop Dogg and Depeche Mode, he's proved that electronic music is multi-dimensional, far-reaching, and a vital part of the contemporary soundscape.

Since starting BNR, Alexander has continued to release music independently, in addition to creating a roster of talented artists. Unlike many artists who start labels that quickly dissolve, Boysnoize Records remains a highly influential entity in EDM in 2013. When asked about the state of the genre, he says, "To me, EDM is mainstream music; it's all radio music in the end for me. I've never been a fan of titles, even when it comes to my old music. I'm inspired by everything, including punk rock and hip-hop. I am part of EDM, and I am happy that people are exploring electronic music. I just hope that the people who get into the cheesy, more mainstream stuff will eventually dig deeper. My hope is that in 2013 people will go for what's cool and doesn't sound the same as everything else."

Alexander just completed his Out of the Black tour, promoting his latest album of the same name. We caught up with him at the Los Angeles stop in December to ask which artists we should be watching in 2013. Unsurprisingly, many of them are on his label, and rightfully so. Enjoy and keep tabs accordingly.

Photo Credit: Sazan Pasori