2012 was a low-profile year for most of the members of Waka Flocka's Brick Squad label. The steady stream of material continued, but the shock-to-the-street-rap system the crew supplied the two previous annums subsided, and absent a few major-label Waka singles, reverted to the regional die-hards (Bo Deal, Haitian Fresh). But maybe the most consistent of them all was Ice Burgandy, a Los Angeles-based rapper who released three mixtapes in 2012. The best was the first, Progress Involves Risk Unfortunately, and "PMBB" was an easy highlight.

Unlike earlier Brick Squad releases, Ice Burgandy's approach was slicker, more laid-back (more California?) and reliant on smoother (though still muscular) production style of 808 Mafia producer Purps. The beat blends laid-back LA history with a distinctly Brick Squad paranoia; this tension gives the song a gangster film-noir vibe. Ice Burgandy is a more technically-adroit rapper than the typical Brick Squad hardhead, letting his words unwind in a dense chain of syllables that gives Gucci Mane's diction ("On my Harley higher than Chris Farley and my nigga Marley") a more traditional lyrical orientation.