And now for something completely obscure: in 2012, the "Handsome" production style might seem alien to hip-hop heads outside of the Bay Area and musical satellite regions like Kansas City, at least if they've never owned a Too $hort CD. (The Bay and Kansas City have a long-running musical connection, going back to the days of Mac Dre, who was killed while on tour there in 2003).

Despite its somewhat retro vibe to non-Bay rap fans, the extravagent personalities ("of course, for sure / I put all my whores in Italian couture,") and hilarious hook ("never move ugly 'cause my mama said I'm handsome") give the song a compellingly singular character that should appeal anywhere. And frankly, a retro imitation-Ant Banks (look him up) movement would be a nice change of pace from the 90s New York / Memphis niche underground internet rappers have been sucked dry for the past few years.