As reported a few weeks ago, Chief Keef stood up 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa for the "Hate Being Sober" video shoot. In its place, 50 said he shot "United Nations." Continuing his promo run, he spoke to Big Boy's Neighborhood about him missing the shoot as well as praises what Keef is. Read the various quotes below, and watch it above. 

"He didn't show up. I'm a Chief Keef fan, I like what he is. He's something that has been completely created by the environment. It's what hip-hop was initially. Hip-hop is pop music now."

"His age says my son would be Chief Keef if we didn't make it. I look at that and go, 'I like that.' He can blossom and grow into something better."

"The video still ain't shot. They saying they gonna put the song out as the CD comes out. The song is supposed to build the motivation to sell the CD. I'm like, 'how you gonna sell records like that?' They basically saying they can sell CDs from their viral clips."

[via FSD]