In Soulja Boy's heyday he was routinely blamed for everything from completely destroying hip-hop (at worst) to eroding values of hip-hop culture and our troubled youth (at best). Haters today see him in a slightly less threatening light. Now, rather than destroying hip-hop, he's a parasite, jumping from trend to trend.

This is partly true, but now that hip-hop has survived his hits, naturally it's his work as an A&R that has led the next generation of artists to destroy the genre from the inside. Soulja Boy may have stopped creating significant new music, but he's ushered in the careers of Lil B, Riff Raff and Chief Keef, never mind lesser-known talents like Kwony Kash (responsible for Soulja's "Zan With That Lean").

Perhaps the one thing that causes the most hate, however, is that he's spent an entire career completely evading the assumption that he had only 15 minutes of fame. Haters wanted nothing more than to see his mansion up for sale like Hammer in the '90s. Also, haters have been mad since he got himself some Bathing Apes in "Crank Dat"—this should never be discounted.

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