Some industry girls are definitely celeb-thirsty, but they're not really fucking any of them. Usually. The real groupie is the chick at the party who you, nor anyone else, even knows. She's not on the list, but of course she'll get in because her dress is very short and she's fine as fuck in that ratchet, Nicki Minaj circa 2008 way.

The same magic that was used on the person working the door gets this girl past the bouncers guarding VIP as well. They know she's supposed to be in there, and once admitted, she behaves like a pro within the proximity of famous musicians. She'll sit at Rick Ross' table with the comfortable "I'm going to suck your dick later" rapport these women often share with their targets, but she won't interfere with his activities.

Her night consists of an occasional joke with the artist she's pursuing, shutting down broke but confident journalists who attempt to court her, and texting with the 37 other male suitors on her roster who are unfortunately not aware of the fact that she will later fellate the Bawse.