When Andrew Wilkes-Krier was four years old, he attended a nursery school party where he had the chance to climb into and play around in a Volkswagen Beetle that was missing both its engine and tires. For the other kids present, that party was probably just a nice, faint childhood memory (that is, if those people remember it at all), but the one-man whirlwind now best known as Andrew W.K. calls it “sort of the dawn of my destiny.”

Since that first party, the Michigan-bred, Manhattan-based W.K. has attended and hosted thousands more. The hard rock/metal front man has been sincerely, deeply smitten with the notion of feel-good partying throughout his career. “Party Hard,” “It's Time To Party,” and “Party Til You Puke” off his album I Get Wet all have the magic word in the title, while several other songs from his 2002 debut encourage the same spirit of reckless abandon.

Today, W.K. co-owns the Manhattan venue Santos Party House, dispenses Party Tips on Twitter (Sample: “Scream as quietly as you can, and whisper as loud as possible”), and is currently celebrating the 10-year anniversary of I Get Wet with an international tour during which he'll perform the entire record nightly.

The stateside celebrations are ongoing until Apr. 7 (Find all dates here), and the tour picks back up in Ireland three days after that. To absolutely no one's surprise, these shows are, like pretty much everything else A.W.K.-related, all about having a ridiculously good time.

Speaking of his nursery school extravaganza, W.K. says, “That's a recommendation for any party: Have some kind of destroyed, gutted, burned-out car that you can play with and smash.” We caught up with the Shaman of Shindigs so the whole world can learn to celebrate Andrew W.K.-style.

As told to Reyan Ali

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