Label: Ruff Ryders, Def Jam

Dom Kennedy: "Big. Big. Big. Everything. Singles. Videos. I remember seeing him on tour when Jay-Z was so big. Showing his belts and shit. And had the mock turtlenecks. It was like the alternative, you know what I am saying? [Laughs.] The nigga with the Timbs and the boxers showing with no shirt on. Barking like a dog. It was perfect. You needed that because hip-hop should always have a balance. It should never get too one-sided to where it’s too soft. You know what I am saying?

"That’s what the beauty of it of them going on tour and doing that shit because everybody in there loved them both equally, but just for what they represented. Some people might understand DMX a little more and the have not story. The ballers, of course, will rock with Jay-Z but you still fucked with everything for the saying because you understood exactly who they was. You felt the music and you never contested that. So that’s what was dope about that time, For sure, that album was huge. It's Dark and Hell is Hot."