Label: Def Jam South, Island Def Jam,Universal Records

A$AP Yams: The Fix is just so dope to me cause it was the first—that was the first southern rap album I saw get Five Mics. At that time, I took Five Mics very seriously, you know what I’m saying? Like, yo, Nas didn’t even get Five Mics. Did Nas get Five Mics? I’m not sure if Nas got Five Mics. He got it for Stillmatic? You know what I’m saying?

“But that was the first southern rap artist that they deemed Five Mics, and when I seen that shit, I went like, ‘Yo, I got to buy this fucking album.’ The fact that he had both Nas and Jig on his album, during the whole mess of that shit. And not only that, he fucking, to me, I wish he would’ve gotten fucking Jay, Beans, and Scarface album. I’d kill for that. I would’ve definitely listened to a whole Jay, Beans, and fucking Face album. They would’ve banged out so many classics together, it’s incredible.”