Label: Top Dawg Entertainment

A$AP Yams: “That shit, that was the first time I heard ScHoolboy and shit. I actually saw the video, I heard it, and he’s so dope to me. ScHoolboy’s my favorite rapper right now. Hands down. Right now, my favorite rapper, honestly. I swear by that. I think ScHoolboy's so dope, cause he’s the perfect mixture of the consciousness that Kendrick brings to the table, and that gangsta-ass LA shit, and you just put it in one melting pot, and created a whole new sound that works well for him.

“It’s just, he could do a song about getting fucked up and taking Oxycontin and shit like that, and then the next song he’ll rap about some conscious shit. The way he performed the song [‘Blessed’], he made it catchy too. Like nothing goes over your head. You don’t have to listen to it more than once. It sticks to your lips on the first listen.

“After I heard his album, that’s how that whole shit came about, I put Rocky on it, like, ‘Yo you got to listen to this shit.’ From January, 2011 to when A$AP came out, that’s all we listen to. We be in the crib watching ‘Druggys With Hoes’ video everyday on the flat-screen and shit.”