Label: Jive

A$AP Yams: Ridin' Dirty made me fucking appreciate southern rap. Cause they was rapping about some real shit. And real shit, you know what I mean, no matter where you from, you always going to appreciate some real shit coming from somebody’s mouth, pause. You know what I’m saying? I think Jay-Z even made a reference to it on The Blueprint album. On top of that, he was the first motherfucker to throw them on a record—a New York motherfucker— that I know of. I may be wrong about that. If a motherfucker like Jay could appreciate what UGK did, then who is a serious rap to say different?

“He pays attention to lyrics, like one of Jay-Z’s favorites is ‘Out of This World’. Which a lot of people, a lot of people, I think goes over their heads and shit like that, when it comes to Rocky. On, ‘Rocky can’t rap.’ Listen to ‘Out of This World,’ cause Jay definitely appreciates that motherfucker too. Shout out to Pharrell too, that’s for real.

“UGK, that was definitely a dope ass album. I think Pimp C, one of the most greatest producers, but he could sing his ass off too. I think he can sing better than all of these motherfuckers out right now.”