Rockie Fresh: “Ross just kept it clear, ‘Man, you are going to be the next big artist. You are 21. What you do is insane to me. It’s something that’s gonna be the next big thing period.’ With that, it made me view it as I gotta prove this man right. And make people really see why he did what he did. It ain’t even a competition thing, it’s like you know, it’s the big homie so not only do I got to be successful for myself and my friends. He’s part of my family now in a way so it's more so I view it as that. I gotta go hard for him because he believed in me. A lot of people didn’t even see why it was going down.

“A lot of people wasn’t even familiar with Driving 88 until recently. Even though it was a good amount of people that were. He really is putting on for me in a way. I just honor that. I would never view it as a competitive thing with just our relationship. I felt like if I was older maybe but like me being much younger than him, it’s almost like disrespectful with the situation we in.

“[The future is] just a lot of different good music. Touring. I am starting the Electric Highway tour. It’s going to be running now from all the way through the end of October. We are hitting a bunch of cities. You can see that at I’m real focused on making that an experience too. That’s real Back to the Future related. From the backdrop, to the DJ setup,to the stage setup,it’s going to be a real crazy experience for fans that do come out and see it. I am focused on making what I do, amplified. And just really representing the MMG team well. In my own way and representing Chicago well and my friends and family well too for supporting.