Album: Kiss of Death
Label: Interscope, Ruff Ryders

The Alchemist: “It was interesting because we had ‘Feel Me’ and he wanted you to still feel him. I guess he had feel issues. You felt him on feel me, but then he wanted you to still feel him. So shout out to Jadakiss for really demanding that you feel his shit. Pause. Infinite Pause.

“One thing I can remember about it was his engineer. He was recording his vocals. They do this thing where they use two or three lead vocals, they use more than one track when they record. He was going in to do the second track and his engineer was like, ‘Nah, not on this one.’

“Kiss said, ‘What do you mean?’ and he said, ‘Trust me. This is more of a personal joint. You’re talking to them. Don’t do it on that one.’ He didn’t do it on that one I think it was the first time I'd seen him not do it. It was a good call because he's talking to you.”