Death Grips teased fans last Sunday that they would be hearing their new album the same time as their label. On Monday, the Sacramento trio did just that by leaking No Love Deep Web because they felt Epic was waiting too long to release it. Within hours of releasing their second LP of the year for free, Death Grips’ website was taken down. Band member Zach Hill claims that the site,, was shut down by Epic. However, the label denies it.

In related news, BitTorrent recently announced that they were responsible for 124,191,862 legal music downloads that happened in the first six months of 2012. According to, the company works with artists and labels to distribute their music for free so they can help emerging artists through its system. When asked about the artists who gave permission to allow downloads of full albums and singles, Death Grips topped the list.

  • Death Grips: 34,151,432
  • Counting Crows: 26,950,427
  • Billy Van: 18,702,053
  • Gods Robot: 12,172,672
  • Way Too Sick: 9,974,321
  • Paz: 6,485,001
  • Bray: 5,878,492
  • Pretty Lights: 5,005,061
  • DJ Shadow: 4,349,048
  • Chester French: 523,356

So even without a website, Death Grips still have tweeted alternative links to their album, including ones directed to YouTube and SoundCloud. For a band that holds the most legal downloads on BitTorrent, these guys might just know what they are doing.

[via Pitchfork]