Angel Haze: “Moving to New York was stressful because it wasn’t the way I intended to do it. I wasn’t supposed to live in New York until September. I came early and it was weird because my mom actually thought I was leaving home; that I was just like, ‘Fuck everyone and responsibilities and stuff. I’m just gonna go out here and chase my dreams.’ She got like super mad at me. She was like don’t come back home. I was like, 'Okay. You know what? Fuck it.'

“The music is here. That’s the start of it all. I felt like if I moved here, it’d be way easier for me to get out and it was. It was so fucking easy. I used to live here. I would never be intimidated by it. I know you always have to look like you know what you’re talking about or you know where you’re going, or there will be trouble for you. But people buy what people who don’t know shit about New York.

“I came for a Yours Truly shoot that I was supposed to do for a weekend, and I didn’t end up buying a ticket back home. But it was because obviously you buy the ticket the day that you leave is better than buying it the day that you came. I was waiting the day that I left to do it, and apparently it was a day too late for my mom. She got pissed at me.

"She’s like mad and she’s calling my friends. And I was like, ‘You know what? Fuck it,’ and I’ve not been back home. I actually just visited for three days like a month ago. Month and a half ago maybe.”

“So I stayed here and a month and a half later I finished my EP. I started it the day I moved here and finished it in five session. We pushed it out, we leaked ‘New York,’ and New York really got a big, crazy response. So we leaked ‘Werkin Girls,’ and then after that we dropped the EP and here we are.”