Angel Haze: “I specifically told my manager when we were taking meetings that I did not want, at all, to deal with any boy groups, girl groups, or any of that stuff. I didn’t want to be anyone’s bitch in that group. I wanted to stand alone. It was important to me that I have that-no co-signs.

“I want to be really iconic, so I’m gonna do whatever it takes to get there. I’ve started vocal lessons, guitar lessons, and stuff like that. Honestly, I think I’m more desperate than anyone to see myself evolve and see what I would become as far as being an artist.

"I literally live and breathe this shit. So I’m kind of like this is who I am now. I have this insatiable type of hunger in me just for more all the fucking time. I just don’t know what’s coming next, but I know it’s gonna be big.”