Album: Rock Steady
Label: Interscope
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Tony: “We recorded that one in London. We did that with Nellee Hooper, the producer, in London. Rock Steady was all about trying different things, and at that point in 2001, we had been a band for 13, 14 years. It was like, ‘Okay, let’s be brave, let’s do some different stuff.’ I think we’ve always kind of been that way, and that’s where the song went. That what the record was. It was like, ‘Let’s do some collaborations, let’s write with The Neptunes and Dave Stewart.’ We worked with like five or six incredible producers and production teams on that record. ‘Running’ is the first time I didn’t play bass—I played keyboard bass on a song. I didn’t play real bass. It was just a different thing. It’s just cool to try different things.”

“‘Running’ was another one that Tony and Gwen wrote on a little Casio with a little drum machine. We did a big tour in 2009, and when we played that song every night, on the video screen behind us, we had a collage. We were going to do the whole song with old photographs of the band together from our personal photo collection. Something about that song and those photos seriously made people weep. That was the song that from the stage, I loved, because I’m not looking at the pictures, I’m looking at the audience. I would watch them every single night, and after a few shows we’d be like, ‘Did you see someone cry during that song?’ People would be moved to tears. There’s just something sentimental about that song and those picture collages that we put on the screen. It was really magical, and what a people thing to be able to do as a band, to invoke tears."