One exciting and unexpected musical pair has apparently been recording together. According to electronic/hip-hop producer Flying Lotus, he and alt-rock god Beck have hit the studio together.

In a recent interview with DrownedInSound, FlyLo says,

“He hit me up after the last record and wanted to do something…. It sounds like Can but f*cked up. It’s really quite dark…. [The song] just f*cking sat there on my hard drive waiting for when the time is right.”

As exciting as the collaboration sounds, there’s no word yet on when, where and if it will see the light of day. Flying Lotus’ next full-length, Until the Quiet Comes, is due out October 1 via Warp and Beck’s album of sheet music, Beck Hansen’s Song Reader, hits stores this December via McSweeney’s.

[via Pitchfork]

Update: Flying Lotus Tweets about the collaboration's status: