Year: 2011

It would've been cool if the past and present H.B.I.C.s would join forces and rule hip-hop with estrogenic fury, but as the unwritten laws of hip-hop stipulate, there can be only one queen. Therefore '90s femme fatale Lil Kim seemed destined to beef with Nicki Minaj. They appeared to start off as friends, with Nicki shouting Kim out in early interviews. But eventually Kim started calling out Nicki and Nicki ended up dissing Kim subliminally in songs and openly in the press. Kim responded by boasting that she didn't need to record new songs because her old ones would kill Nicki. Hopefully Kim has a lot more old material in the stash because we haven't heard much hot music from her in the last few years (no, not even on her Black Friday mixtape) while Nicki just keeps getting bigger and bigger.