Year: 2012

Fed up with young rappers using the word “swag” to dress up weak rhymes and justify what he felt were ignorant actions, David Banner dropped a vicious track where he subliminally took aim at Lil' B, among others: “Let a white cop shoot a black kid/You'll see a few tweets, that's it/He'll march for a minute, that's it/Get a new outfit and dance like this/Cook! Swag! Woo! Cook! Swag! Woo!”

Lil' B fired back by dropping “I Own Swag,” a record on which The Based God claimed to be more famous than Banner. The two would eventually squash their beef after speaking on the phone. Still, it appears as if Banner still has a strong hatred for so-called “swag rappers," which is pretty unfair to Lil B—who loves all people and the animals and the trees as well.