Fourth of July is here again, and what  better way to celebrate our country's independence than by taking a look back at all the great album covers featuring the American flag? From Johnny Cash's 1974 album Ragged Old Flag to the Kanye and Jay-Z single cover art for "Otis," artists stay repping the stars and stipes—or, in cases like 2 Black 2 Strong MMG's Burn Baby Burn—disrespecting them. 

Either way, musicians just can't seem to resist playing with the concept of patriotism in their album and single cover art. Our friends over at Ego Trip compiled a list of 13 not-so-patriotic rap album covers so we felt compelled to follow up with this gallery of 50 all-American album covers for your holiday enjoyment. It's all here—the good, the bad, and the ugly—much like this great land of ours. Happy Independence Day!

Written by Lauren Nostro (@laurencynthia)

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