First and foremost, thank you Brian McKnight for making "If You're Ready To Learn" and finally teaching us how the pussy works (We were totally unaware of it's ability to squirt in need of a good laugh). In case you haven't heard, '90s R&B crooner McKnight released a song last night in a hilariously misguided attempt to be relevant to a younger demo.

The song, which was from his "adult mixtape" and a far cry from the safe, smoothed-out adult contemporary ballads that he's known for. After some very harsh Twitter reaction (as well as some brutal Youtube comments), McKnight took the song down hours later. So what exactly were people saying about McKnight that made him take the song down—and that made him a trending topic for the first time since forever? Find out by checking out some of the craziest Twitter reactions to his song dedicated to the poon...

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