On Monday night in New York City, during XXL's Freshman Class 2012 show at the Best Buy Theatre, Danny Brown took the stage and got booed. This is unfortunate because, well, Danny Brown is an excellent rapper whose XXX was one of the best albums of the last 10 years

While it's no surprise a show like that would bring in a diverse audience (with various groups of fans coming to cheer their favorite rapper and hate on the rest) we can't help but think that there was another reason for Brown getting booed: His outrageous hairstyle

"I feel like my hair is a lame detector," the Detroit rapper explained to Complex earlier this year. "If a nigga don’t fuck with me because of my hair or the way I look, then you the type of nigga I don’t need to fuck with anyway." That may be so, but the fact is many rappers have rocked perms over the years (though admittedly, none quite like Danny). To refresh (or should we say "activate"?) your memory, click through to check out some of hip-hop's perm all-stars.

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