Album: Charge It 2 Da Game
Label: No Limit Records/Priority
Producer: Craig B.

Mystikal: “'Ain't My Fault' was one of the records that really broke No Limit from the Bayou. Because y'all at first were like 'they some ol' country motherfuckers' and I'm sure— because I used to look at us like that my motherfucking self. So when that fucker hit New York [beatboxes bassline] scratching through that one in the mix, it was a wrap. That was all she wrote.

“I knew it was a good song, but if I'd have had my choice, I probably wouldn't have ever picked that to be no single. But if it was up to me I would've never picked 'Shake Ya Ass' as a single either.

“'I ain't that kinda rapper!! I'm not doing it!' So good thing I wasn't calling all the fucking shots. I just thought it was a fun song. I knew that bitch was jamming but I ain't know that it was gonna resonate like that. That bitch was heavy. It was nothing less than a fucking hit.”