Even though Rick Ross (the rapper) was just crowned MTV's "Hottest MC In The Game," one person who is not too fond of Rozay is the real Rick Ross. The real "Freeway" Rick Ross—the drug trafficker who made millions of dollars in the '80s—has been seeking justice against the biggest bawse over profiting from his name. After his case was thrown out, it re-opened in California and is now going back to trial. In his talk with The Boombox, Freeway had a thing or two to say about William Roberts.

On the trial:

"We've been doing depositions everyday for the last month, just about. I heard some really interesting testimony, probably the most interesting was the rapper, he showed me how big a clown he is. I had a little respect for him, but after I saw his deposition, I have zero respect for him now. I think he's a complete idiot. It's a disgrace for me to have someone like this with my name. He doesn't know what the name stands for, or how I got my name. He thinks that this name belongs to some big mafia guy who don't care about nothing but himself and really, he's just a pig."
"We're still going to be doing depositions for the next couple weeks. The judge ruled that she's going to make this a public trial. As soon as she makes the final ruling, I'll be releasing William Roberts' [aka Rick Ross] deposition publicly. I can't wait, so everyone can see what a clown he is. The way he clowned me. He shook all the white people's hand in the room and totally disrespected me in the room. When they get to see some of the things he says on camera ... I couldn't believe some of the things he said on camera. Let the world see it."

[via TheBoombox]