Chromatic Sound & The New Mixtape

At the end of this month, Popcaan will release a mixtape called Yiy Change, produced in association with Chromatic Sound. The follow-up to his 2010 tape Hot Skull, Fry Yiy, Boil Brainz, Papi says the new music will reflect his evolution as an artist. “Ya dun know, this one is for the fans who support Popcaan over the years.”

Popcaan credits Chromatic sound system for supporting his musical dreams over the years. In fact it was at a Chromatic dance where he first linked with Kartel. “Big up Creep and Niko,” says Papi. [Creep can be seen at right in the above photo.] “Chromatic response for Popcaan still—Chromatic & Coppershot. Them sound deh always support me. Them go out and play me music. They make remix with me and them ting deh. Sometimes I wasn’t even aware of it. Me just hear it.”

Now that Popcaan is making his dancehall dreams come true, he’s determined to keep that momentum going and taking his talents to the world. Although he has not been able to travel to the U.S. in some time, Papi tells his American fans to keep the faith. “You can expect fi see Popcaan in the States later this year,” he says, “around ‘Best of the Best’ time.”