Put a pretty girl on the cover and your record will sell.

That was the conventional wisdom in the days when your folks were buying LPs by Jackie Gleason and The Three Suns. Back then, a guy like Herb Alpert seemed as big as the Beatles when he dropped the infamously suggestive Whipped Cream and Other Delights cover.

The industry has changed. The evolution of creativity, marketing, and, yes, sexuality has led to even more unbelievably sexy album covers. Jimi Hendrix's naked babe harem. The Slits wearing nothing but mud. Ashley Savage as an underboob goddess for Ween. Ice-T flaunting his main squeezes. Christina Aguilera being dirty and proud of it. All of the sexually charged work by pervy photographers and painters Vargas, Coop and Kacere.

These covers and more are included in our list of The 100 Sexiest Album Covers of All Time. Continue reading and remember the album sleeves so hot that they could melt your vinyl.

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