Producer: Damian Marley
Album: Distant Relatives
Label: Universal Republic/Def Jam
Best Youtube Comment: "And what the hell is lil wayne doin in this beautiful song^!?!???!" - KaboomMTF

Complex Says: Distant Relatives was a solid pick-me-up for Nas' career, which had stalled in the two years since the release of his Untitledalbum. Still, as the good as the album was, there were a few tracks that really should have been rethought or scrapped entirely. The most glaring example would have to be “My Generation.”

The unlikely pairing of a children's choir—reminiscent of Nas's 2003 hit “I Can”—and Joss Stone's warbling resulted in a predictably saccharine hook. The entire record has a corny "We Are The World" feel to it (something Nas himself was critical of on "These Are Our Heros").

But the song's biggest fail has to be putting Lil Wayne on this particular song. You know Nas and Damian must have paid a fortune for that Weezy feature, so why not let him get him into a lyrical showdown with Esco? That would have been awesome. Not boring like this song.